my name is chelsea. (youstill_kissme) wrote,
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sorry it's been so long.

how can i look at the moon
without knowing you lie under it
and breathe when no one is there to feel it

i know these words
and these feelings
because i know fire
i have been consumed
and burned
and yet i still strike the match
once more

can't you tell me
that history repeats itself
lying here
with here tears hardening my face
can't you tell me
i'll just be engulfed in the flames
once more

how can i look at the moon
without knowing you lie under it
and breathe..


the stars are falling from the sky
and hitting my window
i'll count them for you

the moon is on my shoulder
but i'd rather stay in
with my thoughts like a fireplace

the grass beneath my feet
and the breathing of my walls
envelopes me

i'll try and write my name
with the clouds and the birds
and maybe be could live

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