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we're already falling fast..


in the dark
on the damp grass
feeling every little blade
between my fingers
I can feel the rocks by my feet
and the butterflys in the breeze
that sweet smell of spring in the evening
floating by my nose
be careful
it can sting

there's this sense of emergency
that comes from sitting here
in the dark
I should be elsewhere
but I need this
I need the stars to come crashing down on me
a symphony of lights
of colours
galaxies upon galaxies
gravitating towards me
till they crash and create light
eternal light
to flow through my body
like the sun when it sets on the mountains
that blinding light
to make it all seem
I need the ocean to come and envelope me
in it's glory
the waves creating a masterpeice
natures art
flowing and pulsing
heaving and beating
against me
around me

that sweet smell of spring in the evening
be careful
it can sting

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