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The colder water, the blowers daughter.

Sorry for not existing.

Long time no talk.
Not much to say.
Lately I've been really disapointed with myself.
No motivation.
Which makes me angry.

I've stopped caring about thing that used to be important to me.
I don't like it.

Fuck I don't even feeling like typing this.

I just wish there was a way to motivate me again, to feel like I used to.
But then again, when I had even an ounce of motivation, I barely slept...and I really mean barely.
I always go so overboard with everything.



the warmth in each footstep
touching pavement
touching temptation
to run
with no name
and no birth
I am forever
and nothing

if only life could be
a sensation
a moment
caressed and changed
with voices
nothing but constant contact
between words
letting the distance fall
between unknowns
to create a spark
burning the clothes that keep us

focusing on single breaths
single thoughts
single movements
with no past
a funeral for smoke and mirrors
an autumn of emotions
colours that blind
colours that bind
bodies through air
souls through explosions

shaped into a paper crane
made to fly

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