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You fit like a glove.

Semi-secret entry?


Best week ever?
Probably not for daytime reasons, but for lifetime reasons.

So this is sort of a touchy, mushy subject, that normally I avoid at all costs.
And it's kind of hard for me not to be secretive...and kind of easy all at once.

Steve and I have been dating for five months.
Hard to believe, yet still not technically that long in retrospect...yet kind of feels like much more than what it sounds like.
Did that make sense?

We were lying in bed last Sat., and I said that I might love him.
Big step?
Fuck yes.
He said he might love me too.
Fuck yes.

Then, Thurs. we were in bed again, (hmm pattern?) and this is how it went...

"I love you Chelsea."
"I love you too."
-Chelsea melts into large puddle of goo in the middle of Steve's bed-

I'm glad I'm the girl that has always refused to throw that word around, and has never used it if she doesn't feel it.
It made this a thousand times better.
A thousand times better than any feeling I have ever had.

He's the best thing that has ever happened to me.

And now I am officially the biggest suck in the history of sucks.
Fuck I'm mushy.

I need to think of something not mushy.



Get your head out of the clouds

Before the condensation
becomes rain
and your mind
becomes flooded
pray for a lifeboat
pray for a grip
or you might just meet your maker
in the form of an angel

I would go
without a fight

I am
I am not here
I am
in the section underneath your chin
nestled and safe
where the warmth of your body
is my body
where my fingers
the outline
of your lips
as you say

Confusion has
place here
underneath your chin
where warmth has no warrant
where time won't expire
nestled and safe

You fit like a glove

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