A Day in the (work) life of CHELSEA!

soooo i've been working
and i got to see "him" again
prob for the last time for a whiiillleee
(i work with him in case you didnt figure that out haha)
but seriously
it was pretty nice
and i think i'll do just fine without him for a while.

here is a day in the life of me
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newww camera!!

So my dad got a free mini camera
and so he gave it to me.

no i don't wear the same shirt all the time..
i think i just take pictures of myself when i'm wearing the shirt.
you wait
i'll post pictures where i'm wearing something different..YOU WAIT!
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watch and we'll collide

you shook me to the core
all you had to be was yourself
and i was gone

so this
is what
it feels like
to be left without words

i lay on my bed for hours
not thinking
not thinking
listening to music
everything is you
the breeze
the smell of my books

"I roll the window down
And then begin to breathe in
The darkest country road
And the strong scent of evergreen
From the passenger seat as you are driving me home."

even my music betrays me

i've been here for hours
everything is you
and i'm just renting space.

i just got back from camrose
work work work
and now i'm leaving for inisvail
(or however the fuck you spell that)
tomorrow morning
work work work

i'm feeling sick
to my mind
and my heart

i've never felt so hurt
in my life
and he didnt even do a damn thing
maybe i'm not hurt
i don't know
all i can do all day
is lay on my bed
sometimes i just cry

he hasnt done anything
in fact
he's been incredible
since the drive back home
from camrose
i havent felt quite the same
i just don't know.
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just an entry.

so i'm pulling on my collar
and wishing it were a phone
but life isn't that easy
now is it.
do you remember
when life made sense
and we weren't so lost all the time
i'm lost.

so this is it
this is how it feels
to deal
to settle
to leave it alone
so this is why i don't feel like myself.
do you remember
when we didn't have to try so hard
to feel like something
and we weren't so void
i'm void.

when i'm sitting on my floor
and i'm singing my heart out
wishing someone would fly through the window
and say,
"i heard your heart."
i think about
how i don't mean so much right now
and how i don't feel quite like myself
if your name isnt attached to mine.
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(no subject)

i feel like a jerk for not writting in here for so long.
but my life is sooo not interesting
that i fall asleep trying to type things down.

i'll update in a minute:D

you're turning into something you are not.

she could hear the rain outside
as she asks if she's really here
this is life
this is life
who was she trying to convince?
she could feel herself breathe
as autumn seeped through her window
and into her lungs
she felt like new york
she glowed.

she feels like kissing a stranger
to feel new again
because her clothes,
her clothes
are sewn onto her skin
because she's lived in them for so long
welcome to your life.

if she decided to stand beneath a streetlight
so you could see her
flaws and all
would you be the one
to cut her clothes off
and carry her to summer
once more.