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say goodnight and kiss me.

my name is chelsea.
I like to change my layout too often.
Sometimes I make people dizzy.


tell when I can open my eyes
tell me when it's safe to look
I see the the fabric of my coat
weaving in and out
in and out
can you follow the lines with your eyes
it's a symphony with two notes
one for me
and one for you
we dance above each other
dip and dive
rise and fall
we collide and make one note
we'll sing it through to the end
then, we'll climb off stage and into our graves
we'll sleep for a long time
"as I lay me down to sleep..."
and dream of daffodils and robins
of red ribbons and watermelon juice
and smell the grass
above us
till our eyes forget how to open
and we forget how the symphony goes
till we just hum along
till we become the ground we lie in


a life less ordinary, aldous huxley, american analog set, anthem, arthur miller, atlas shrugged, autumn, ayn rand, being right, belle & sebastian, billie holiday, blow dryers, bratmobile, broken social scene, camera obscura, chad vangaalen, charles dickens, charlie parker, chuck palahniuk, coffee, combustible edison, crosswords, cuff the duke, d. h. lawrence, death cab for cutie, douglas coupland, elephant stickers, fiery furnaces, franz kafka, friedrich nietzsche, friends, fyodor dostoyevsky, george orwell, gilmore girls, good hair days, gregory and the hawk, harold bloom, hayden, helen humphreys, herman melville, hulk-yo's, ikea, interpol, iron & wine, jane austen, jazz, jean-paul sartre, josh ritter, kathleen edwards, kimya dawson, kurt vonnegut, late night movies, laura veirs, life is beautiful, lisa loeb, long hot showers, long train rides, making people laugh, martha wainwright, metric, miles davis, mirah, monty python, moulin rouge, muddy waters, musicals, my newspaper, neutral milk hotel, new sheets, norfolk & western, obscenely large coffee cups, olivia tremor control, people watching, photography, radiohead, rain, ray bradbury, rocket, royal city, sahara hotnights, salt, scarfs, sex and the city, shakespeare, skirts, snow patrol, solitare, sondre lerche, sonic youth, spring, stars, sufjan stevens, tea, the brunettes, the decemberists, the elected, the fountainhead, the helio sequence, the long winters, the microphones, the postal service, the royal tenenbaums, the shins, the smell of laundry, the tragically hip, the wrens, the yeah yeah yeahs, thomas king, tolstoy, violent femmes, voltaire, warm dryer clothes, we the living, will ferguson, william shakespeare, wolf parade